They Traveled a Long Way to Find Home – 9 Stories

How many times have you wondered how the dog or a cat has found their way back home? These stories are not only legends – these are true stories about pets coming back. While dogs are capable of traveling a great distance to get home because of their powerful human-dog bond, cats can travel the same distance but for returning to their territory (sorry-cat-owners).

However, nobody wants to think about the possibility of a lost pet, but these stories will surely make you believe in miracles.

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1. Found two years later

In this story about a lost dog, the blanket played the biggest role. Murphy, five-year-old golden retriever went missing in California’s Tahoe Forest on a camping trip in 2012. After an exhaustive search, her family didn’t receive a single lead until June 2014. A camper who saw this thin dog noticed that the dog was sleeping on a blanket that was put on many pictures of this missing dog. Murphy’s family brought their clothes and the blanket hoping to attract their dog, and that’s how she was found. There wasn’t greater happiness for this family and Murphy.

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2. The Marathon Cat

This domestic tortoiseshell cat is just incredible! Her name is Holly and at the time she got lost she was 4 years old. After fireworks scared her while vacationing 190 miles away from home, she ran out the door, and local authorities' attempt to find her was unsuccessful. Sixty days later, her family got surprised when Holly came into a neighbor’s yard. She was taken to the vet, her chip was scanned for identification, and that’s how she got discovered.

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3. Bucky – The Black Labrador

The love between a dog and the owner can be truly huge. Bucky has proved it with walking of 500 miles. When in South Carolina community it was forbidden to own a dog, his owner needed to relocate him to Virginia. Apparently, Bucky missed his old home so much, so he decided to find the way back. He needed just a few weeks for traveling and the microchip saved him from further wandering.

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4. Smart Budgie

You have probably heard that budgies can learn specific words, but this one learned his home address. His name is Piko-Chan and he comes from Yokohama, Japan. Policemen found this little cutie, and guess what? Smart Piko told them his address and that’s how he found the way home.

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5. Too slow coming back

It took 30 years for this red-footed tortoise named Manuela from Rio de Janeiro to come back home! It went missing in 1982, and its owner Leandro Almeida discovered it one day in an old room that had been used for junk storage. It seems like Manuela had been living there the for quite some time, presumably on a diet of insects.

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6. Brilliant one-eyed cat

After tricky escape from a vet, the cat named Ginger decided to go home and to spend ten days in frigid weather. It is very rare for a cat to find its home that is 5 miles away, but this fluffy buddy succeeded, since he apparently had a huge wish for returning.

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7. The Hurricane Survivor

The dog called Buster had been missing for almost two weeks after the Hurricane Sandy when he got lost. Without electricity and the internet, his owner Christine O’Donovan couldn’t do anything to find her dog. She could only inform the local Animal Care communities. Suddenly, this ridgeback/shepherd mix has been noticed by an Animal Care & Control worker that called Christine immediately, and luckily this cutie got back home.

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8. The greatest Christmas gift

Abby is a blind dog that went missing during the snowstorm in Alaska in 2012. When she disappeared, her family was thinking that is almost impossible to get her back because of her eye defect. However, this brave mixed-breed dog had spent weeks in searching her way home in extremely low temperature (-40 ̊̊̊c), and finally entered into Mark May’s yard who is a neighbor of Abby’s owners. It was Christmas Eve when she got back, so Abby’s family called that a “Christmas Miracle”

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9. Nine years of wandering

The following story tells that hope lasts forever! The cat called Dixie went missing in 1999 when her owner thought she would never find her. Finally, in 2008, this stray cat was picked by RSPCA in Birmingham, England and was identified by her microchip. The Dixie’s owner told that her personality hadn’t changed at all and that she hadn’t stopped purring since her comeback.

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