These Nearly Extinct Little Guys Are Just Looking for Love – 10 Pictures

Australia is a country with lots of cute animals that receive plenty of attention. Koalas, kangaroos and quokkas are in the focus most of the time, but now a new creature steals the show. The new creature is not very well known – let us introduce the bettongia gaimardi – the mini kangaroo, a marsupial with a short nose, who is almost extinct on mainland of Australia. Their habitat was around north perimeter of Canberra, and the are almost extinct thanks to predators such as cats, foxes, but also people who saw a threat for their crops in these cute little animals.

1. The habitat of bettongia gaimardi

Fortunately, in Tasmania there are still few families of this species. Since 2012, several members of these animals came to Mulligan valley, near Canberra, that helps the bettongia gaimardi and some other species survive and return to their natural habitats. The aim of this endeavor is that people hear about these animals, because their existence is largely unknown, except for residents of Tasmania.

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