9 Hidden Animal Abilities and Skills That Help Them Survive

Everything that is unattainable is attractive to people. It is hard to accept the fact some animals have advantages compared to humans. Many of them have unique, yet hidden skills that we may have never heard of.

Unusual Way to Survive

Animals are hardly immune on poisons to which we are exposed every day because of the pollution of nature. For some animals it is difficult to tolerate the toxins that enter the body, but that is not the case with opossums. This interesting animal has a remarkable ability to defend against these toxins. Opossums have a hidden ability to emit certain proteins that represent a natural defense against almost all known poisons. Their regenerative ability really looks enchanting and these animals were able to cope with many threats because of this ability.

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9 hidden animal abilities that help them survive 1

Is There Immortality?

What is the secret desire of many, is a natural advantage of miniature marine inhabitants of broad expanses. Thanks to the ability to begin the aging process anew, jellyfish stand for the only immortals on the planet. This skill is good enough to make us wish become jellyfish.

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9 hidden animal abilities that help them survive 2

The Fantastic Imitator

If you want to meet fantastic imitators of sounds from the nature, then you should look for the Lyrebird, as this bird can fulfill all your desires. This bird has a remarkable ability to imitate almost any sound you hear, especially the sounds produced by other birds. However, she can imitate the sounds produced by machines or other devices. Be careful, you may just think that you've heard something, but are you sure you heard well?

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9 hidden animal abilities that help them survive 3

The Secret Skill of Giant Rhinoceros

If you've ever had the opportunity to meet with Rhinoceros beetle, you've probably been amazed by its size. Can you believe that he is able to carry on his back the weight that is even 850 times heavier than himself? If we as people had such a skill, we could raise the entire buildings. This skill is really impressive, because this bug can serve like a ride for humans.

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9 hidden animal abilities that help them survive 4

Stone Eater

If you don’t know how crocodiles keep up the balance in the water, you will probably be surprised if you hear that these dangerous animals can easily swallow stones to help them move easily. In addition, the stones help them during the digestion of food.

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9 hidden animal abilities that help them survive 5

Cleanliness Is Half of the Health

Although you may think that bird nests are dirty because they are made of straw, mud and twigs, this is absolutely false. The secret skill of these winged animals is their ability to keep the nest clean as they defecate in fecal sacs. It is very easy for them to remove these packages and keep the nest clean.

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9 hidden animal abilities that help them survive 6

Be What You Like, That Is the Secret

Did you know that there are no females among Clownfish? Probably not, because if there are no females among them, how there are so many Clownfish in the sea? They have a wonderful ability to be always born as males, while during their lifetime, they can change their gender when they decide to reproduce.

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9 hidden animal abilities that help them survive 7

A Lazy Slot

You probably know that slots are animals that stands for the world's biggest sleepyheads. However, do you know for their ability of incredibly fast wounds healing? Regardless of the severity of injuries they gain, these animals are very fast healers, and this hidden feature helped many of them to survive the most difficult situations.

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9 hidden animal abilities that help them survive 8

Walking on Water Is Not Always the Trick

Although people for years were trying to find a way to walk on the water, for some animals this is really not a problem. If you see some lizard that run across the surface of the water, be sure it's a Basilisk Lizard. Because of this amazing ability, many people call this animal a Jesus Christ Lizard.

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9 hidden animal abilities that help them survive 9

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