These Are the Cutest Desert Residents – 14 pics

Although these cute animals are living in extreme desert conditions, they do not reveal it by their appearance. The desert is certainly not the ideal place to live, but foxes, cats, Caracalla and other animals that reside there, excellently adapted to the challenges of high temperatures and scarce food and water resources. Meet the cutest of them – Desert Fox (Vulpes Zerda). It is enough to have just one glance at this “dumbo” creature to understand that this is one of the sweetest desert animals. Desert Fox or Fennec is characterized by its large ears that are used for finding the underground prey. Apart from having an excellent hearing, Desert fox has adapted to life with not that much water, and it has very thick hair that refuses the sunlight during the day and keeps them warm at night. Fennec mates once in the lifetime, and lives in underground tunnels. This unusual species inhabit North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

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