Please Meet Maddie – 11 pics

One photographer and with a crazy idea and an obedient dog are enough to pick all the sympathies of thousands of people on the Internet. This is just the case with one blog where the pictures of a nice dog, Maddie, are uploaded. This is so obedient dog that her owner can put her in various positions and take photos of her in the strangest places, and this project named “Maddie on things” became and absolute hit on the Internet. Meddie posed on a chair in the laundry room and patiently waited for her owner to snap a shoot. She knows, from her personal experience, that it is a misconception to believe that models have an easy job. On this occasion she showed that, even in the most difficult poses, she can show her photogenic mug. And a bit of marketing could never hurt, by posing on the McDonald's sign Maddie hopes she will draw attention of this popular fast food chain. So, please, meet Maddie!

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please meet maddie01

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please meet maddie02

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please meet maddie03

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please meet maddie04

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please meet maddie05

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please meet maddie06

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please meet maddie07

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please meet maddie08

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please meet maddie09

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please meet maddie10

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please meet maddie11

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