The Most Powerful of Nature’s Creations – 10 Pictures

Today we are going to cover the strongest animals in the world. These powerful animals and their strength can be measured in two ways, one being the actual strength and the other would be measuring their strength compared to their bodyweight. One thing is for sure, these animals don’t need any kind of gym membership. 

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Elephant is the largest land animal living today. Knowing that fact, it’s not really a shock that it is the first one on our list. They are proven to be the strongest mammals, with incredible power to carry up to 20,000 lb. They usually weigh around 14000 lb themselves so they can carry roughly around 150% of their weight, which is not that impressive compared to some smaller animals we will cover later in this article. Even with this kind of power, elephants have a pretty calm temper so we can look at them as gentle giants in some way. 

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Next in line is the Ox. This animal is quite large and just taking one look at it is probably enough for you to not question why they are on this list. They are castrated male adult cattle. They get castrated while they are young in order to control them better, in difference to a bull which is an intact male adult cattle.  Oxen possess a tremendous amount of strength and that is the main reason they are used for farming activities such as plowing and pulling carts. They can drag up to 2000 lb. These animals have been our friends since BC, helping us with farming and growing food, and we are all very grateful to them. 

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Grizzly bear

Grizzly bears, as they are popularly called, are actually named Northern American brown bears. They got the nickname Grizzly because of their golden and gray fur tips, from the word grizzled. These are among largest bears in the world, and they do look very terrifying and mighty. Observations show that an ordinary Grizzly bear can almost effortlessly lift up in 1100 lb in the air. These mesmerizing creatures weigh incredible 600 to 800 lb on average. 

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Next one on the list is the famous Gorilla. Something that might surprise you about them is how similar they are to us, humans. According to scientists they are actually our closest relatives besides bonobos and chimpanzees. If scientists got it right, our DNA is 95% the same as Gorillas. With all that similarity, there are some very obvious differences, such as physical strength. These creatures can lift up to 10 times their own body weight. This means that a single Gorilla is capable of lifting 4.400 lb. We might have Superman but animals have Gorillas.

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Tigers are very well known for their dangerous nature. They are one of the most feared members of the felidae family. In case you weren’t aware, tigers are the biggest cats in the world. According to their size it is only logical that they possess a great amount of strength. They are capable of carrying their prey along great distances demonstrating quite the endurance. They can carry the something twice their weight, which would be 1200 lbs.

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Next we have the Americas favorite bird, that’s right we are talking about an Eagle. There is a reason why such a powerful country picked this exact bird as their symbol. Eagles are famous for their mighty appearance and determined look on their face, but such confidence that can be seen in these birds does not come from their look. It comes from their amazing strength and agility. Eagles come in various sizes depending on their genera but they all have similar strength when put in proportion with their weight. All eagles can lift in the air as much as four times their weight. Can you imagine this bird just coming down and picking up a beaver or even a deer fawn. Such strength in a bird is very rare, no wonder America considers an eagle their spirit animal

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Leafcutter ant

Now we move on to the part of the list with small creatures that can lift 50 to 1000 times their own body weight. First in line is the Leafcutter ant, this little fella can carry objects 50 times heavier than himself, and the even more fascinating part of that is that it does this only with its jaws. They have incredibly powerful jaws that are necessary in order for them to effectively cut leaves that they will proceed to carry with them back to the colony. If we were that powerful we could pull entire trucks with our teeth, and gyms would probably go out of work. 

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Rhinoceros beetle

The last two on our list will be beetles. The one we are talking about right now is called rhinoceros beetle, its name suits it quite well, considering the rhino like horn on the top of its head. This is one of the most common beetles and you have probably seen it multiple times in your life, maybe you have even played with it as a kid. These little guys can lift 80 times their own weight, if you can even imagine such a thing. To help you wrap your mind around this fact, let us illustrate. If we were as strong as these insects we could easily lift 60 tons up in the air, and in strongman competitions people would probably have to start lifting buildings.  

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Dung Beetle

Dung beetle is the strongest beetle there is, and at the same time this creature holds the title of the strongest insect in the world. If we are talking about comparing the body weight to the strength of an animal, than dung beetle is the strongest animal in the world. It can lift an object weighting 1150 times of its own weight! Humans can’t compare in any way to these small insects, closest thing we had were the Beatles that lifted entire arenas on their feet. 

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