The Most Adorable Dog Mixes in the World – 12 Pictures

Ever since dogs became our best friends (which was more than 10 000 years ago) we have watched them evolve and diversify into the wide pallet of breeds we know today. Remember, all of those different breeds come from one ancestor – the European wolf. But this process did not stop, it’s going on and on and the results of cross breeding are sometimes really breathtaking. Every dog lover will have a smile on his face after reading this article and seeing adorable pictures of some popular crossbreeds.

The Border Beagle

This crossbreed is parented by Border Collie and Beagle. They are a real loving breed that also needs a lot of attention because they have a very playful nature. These medium-sized dogs are great companions and can be kept even in small apartments due to their size. Border beagles have round and large eyes, bushy tail and floppy ears and are usually black and white. The Border Beagle is also very good as a watchdog and will always warn you about any intruders.

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