The Joys of Having a Cockatiel as a Pet


When compared to females, male cockatiels are significantly more vocal. They learn to sing rather easily and they enjoy serenading their mate. Even more so, these pets can be taught how to talk. Even though they can only learn how to speak a couple of words, they are very fun to have around and they are great companions.

According to the specialists, the best time to teach your pet to talk is between eight and ten months. When they live in pairs, cockatiels are, on average, less likely to talk.

Apart from talking, cockatiels can also be taught how to perform various tricks such as how to fly on command, how to perform flips, and handshakes. If you decide to teach tricks to your pet you have to be very patient as one single trick can take months for the pet to learn. So, it comes as no surprise that patience is key.


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