The Biggest Dogs in the World – 12 pics

Deutsche dogge is said to be the biggest dog in the world, which is also stated by Guinness Book of Records. The name Deutsche dogge was officially accepted in 1800. The English who wanted “paternity” over this race, gave the dog other name – Great Dane. To this impressive animal was incorrectly attributed the reputation of a bloodthirsty beast. Deutsche dogge is actually the most peaceful of all Molossus. Most of the time friendly, he want's to be pampered, and he adores living in a family and especially children. Despite of his dimensions, he likes to live in an apartment, but you must provide him enough space to keep his muscles in a good shape. By his appearance Deutsche dogge is a fearless guard. His mediocre intelligence, his modes flair and too large dimensions prevents him to be a police dog. After all, unexpectedly, this dog gives poor results when training.

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