Smiling Sheep of Britain – 7 pics

Hundreds of sheep in the UK had a new “outfit” yesterday. Still unknown persons have drawn a smiley on each sheep! The public was and still is amazed, because it is not revealed what does this symbol mean in this case, related to sheep. The Internet was flooded with pictures of this unusual and shocking scene. The first case was detected in Lestershire and then in other five pastures across the country. A bizarre drawing resembles a smiley with two spiral eyes and a mouth that connect them. Sheep were “denoted” randomly, on both sides. No one has managed to decipher the mysterious meaning of those smileys yet, and those with exuberant imagination believe it was about aliens. On the other side, the sheep are completely indifferent but farmers say they will have to wear this new “outfit” until spring when they'll have the next haircut. Here you can check out the new look of smiling sheep of Britain.

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