Pixie:Poodle Takes In Homeless Baby Squirrels – 2 pics

With their long, long tails and hand-like paws, the three babies nursing on Pixie the poodle definitely didn’t look like they belonged to her, but Pixie acted like they did.The babies were orphaned squirrels, brought to Gail Latta three weeks ago after a neighbor chopped down a tree and inadvertently rendered them homeless. Latta, a nursing assistant in North Carolina, loves animals and has something of a menagerie at home, so he said, “If anybody can give them a chance, she can do it.” Latta tried feeding the babies puppy and kitten formula using kitten bottles, but the squirrels didn’t take. Afraid she would lose them, Latta put them on Pixie, who had recently had a litter of puppies. The poodle accepted them right away, nursing them as though they were her own. Latta, fascinated, would spend each morning just watching Pixie and the babies.”All three of them had their eyes shut,” Latta “They were in a velvet stage, didn’t really have their fur yet. Gorgeous.”

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Dog Squirrels

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Dog Squirrels

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