Meet Panjo, Bengal Tiger Who Raids The Fridge, Sleeps On The Sofa And Is Fed Milk From The Bottle – 4 pics

‘He plays with them, they steal his bones, they run after each other. He has never hurt one of my dogs, they play all the time, they are good friends,’ Fernandes said. And while he already looks big enough to be more than a little bit wary, he is in fact only half the size he is likely to be when fully grown. And Panjo is just a baby at heart, still feeding largely off the bottle milk Fernandes gives him and crying at night if he is not fed. If he is really hungry he has even been known to raid the fridge. 'The bond I have with Panjo myself and the family is something extraordinary,' Fernandes said. 'At night he will cry and want his bottle of milk. He lies on my couch outside the house drinking milk. It's worth every minute.' Panjo's days as a family pet are numbered because as a naturally wild animal, it might become dangerous to keep him in such a small space. Fernandes has plans to find a mate for the tiger so he can breed.

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