Meet Panjo, Bengal Tiger Who Raids The Fridge, Sleeps On The Sofa And Is Fed Milk From The Bottle – 4 pics

Curling up on the sofa, nuzzling his owner’s hand and teasing the neighborhood dogs, Panjo acts just like any other family cat – except he is a Bengal tiger. Bengals may be fearless predators when in their natural environment, but Panjo is more at home playing with Goosey Fernandes and his adopted family at their home near Pretoria, South Africa. Panjo was hand-reared from the age of just three weeks when he was left clinging to life after being abandoned by his mother. Fernandes brought him home and immediately took on the job of nurturing the tiny tiger cub, who is now 19 months old and strong and healthy. Panjo is regularly seen prowling around the house, cuddling up to its owners, leaping onto the kitchen bench and playing with Fernandes’ jack russells Milo and Sky.

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