Oh My Dear God, I’m Melting – 19 pics

If someone just mentioned a chinchilla only a few years ago, I guess your first thought would probably be of some expensive fur coat. Fortunately, in recent times the situation has changed in favor of these soooo sweeet animals. The adoption of the law, that strictly prohibits commercial use of chinchillas made that possible. So, sorry to all Cruela DeVils in the world. Unfortunately, most people, even the ones who own a chinchilla have very little knowledge of them. So, a quick overview on them: geographical origin is South America, or to be more exact the Andean and the Cordillera mountain ranges, which extend through Bolivia, Chile and Argentina. Chinchillas don't have sebaceous or fat glands, which is why there is no odor. Unlike other mammals, who have only one hair growing from one root, chinchillas have 50-60 hairs growing from only one root, that's why their fur is so great and expensive in the end. Still, I can't believe someone could kill those sweethearts… Look at these pictures, OMG I'm melting!

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