Octopus with Thousand Faces – 15 pics

The most successful imitator of the animal world is this octopus “with thousand faces” discovered in Indonesia during the 90's of the last century. It can look like a stingray, sea snake and mucus-fish. This octopus has about 15 performances on it's repertoire. Like other octopus, this one can easily change color – to rapidly darken or paid. Moreover, it can change the shape of the body and the behavior in order to be less conspicuous or to frighten potential attackers. That's why it is called mimic octopus. One of its best acting etudes is surely a sea snake. When in danger, it tucks its six out of eight tentacles into the crevice of a rock, and makes waves with the other two. When it imitates stingray, it completely flattens, holds the tentacles back and becomes brighter. It releases the water through its funnel slowly and moves little above the sea floor like a stringray. This octopus was seen in the role of the lion-fish, sea anemones, crustaceans, including solitary crab and other sea animals.

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