5 New Top Species

Glowing cockroach, monkey with a blue posterior and carnivore sponge in a shape of a harp were on the top 10 list of newly discovered species in 2012. Over the last 6 years this list is being compiled by International Research Institute of species, at the Arizona State University, and is being published on the anniversary of Carl von Linne's birth. This Swedish naturalist and scientist made a modern system for naming and classifying the species in 18th century. The professionals working on making of this list were looking for organisms that play a certain role in human environment or related to it.

1. Glowing cockroach

One of the species with peculiar characteristics is a cockroach that glows in the dark, called Lucihomerica luckae. With its glowing properties, this type of cockroach imitates its toxic cousin, thus making predators go away.

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