A Frog That Fell from a Tree – 12 pics

In the depths of the Malay rain forest not everything is as it seems at first glance. An animal that looks very much like the fallen leaves dwells there, and leaves are all around in very thick layers. Adult Asian horned frog spends all day squatting on the ground and expecting a victim – an insect. Looking from the above, this frog is completely invisible. It imitates the shapes and colors of the surrounding rotting leaves, that also hides it better from other predators. This frog , in fact, has different brown spots all over the body, and thanks to the 'leafy' bumps on the head above eyes, and on the legs, it perfectly blends with the environment. Until the frog moves, it can't be seen by birds or other animals feeding on small frogs, like lizards or smaller mammals. Relatives of these animals inhabit the forests of Madagascar and Brazil. These species successfully imitate twigs and dried bark. This is how a frog that “fell from a tree” looks like.

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