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You must have noticed that pets adore driving. Many of them even like to put their head out the window and enjoy in the fast drive and the wind that blows in their snouts. However, you should know that the enjoyment of this kind can be devastating for a pet. Putting the head out the window can be very dangerous, because it is enough that some sign or pole stand too close to your car, to seriously hurt your pet. During driving, a little more mischievous dog or a dog excited by speed can even jump through the window. The possibility of getting an ear infections and even pneumonia is present also.

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It is the safest to keep animals in the cage in the trunk during the driving, which is not a problem with smaller animals. But, when it comes to dogs, people are often very permissive, allowing them to sit in the passanger's seat, in the lap of passanger or even in the driver's lap. However, people do not think about possible accidents, where you maybe should have to stop suddenly, and a dog of just 10kg weight can 'act' like a 300kg projectile, which can be fatal for the dog and other passangers in the car. Researches show that diversion of the driver's view from the road ahead for a period of only two seconds, doubles the risk of a traffic accident as the great number of animal owners plays with them during the driving, feeds them, cuddle, caress… The regulation about tying the security belt should contribute to better safety of all the traffic members. The strict laws, enacted in some countries out of the love for animals, require providing a special place for a pet, and the safest one would be in the trunk with a belt or pet cage.

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When traveling, have in mind both the comfort and the safety!

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In order to make a ride more comfortable, bring your pet's favorite blanket with you, so that he/she could feel as if at home. Be sure to bring water and food, but also feed him/her a couple of hours before departure, definitely not while driving. Take several breaks along the way and let him/her walk around for a bit, never leave your pet in a parked car, because temperatures in the vehicle may suddenly raise, especially if you leave the car in the direct sunlight, or the temperature could fall, during the night for example.

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These are minor guidelines how to take your pet on a vacation. And do not forget, every time they go somewhere, anywhere, by any means of transport, for them it's a certain experience they're (like small children, too) going through with a lot of excitement, constantly shuffling, walking around here and there and hardly waiting that their owner finally gets ready for departure, and probably thinking: 'oh, c'mon, will we go already?' And… Try to hurry up. Don't make him/her nervous and  temperamental. it really doesn't bother him/her whether you've packed the blue bikini or not, or do you have a yumb dices in your bag or not. it is important that you go as soon as possible! just listen him/her saying to you – I'm still waiting, I am impatient!

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