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Hotels for people are ordinary thing today, but if is that so, why there shouldn't be animal hotels, some people wondered and than made them. Now, we give you the opportunity to know a little more about dog and poultry hotels.

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David Roberts opened a hotel for poultry and thus thrilled many people having it. He said that this hotel is great thing for people growing poultry and not having any place to leave it during thier own vacation time. This hotel offers full service – breakfast, lunch and supper. Chicken can walk around during the whole day and after the supper they go to sleep.

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The first hotel for dogs was opened in France. The owners of this hotel did their best to offer the great comfort to dogs. They have all the toys they need, nice and comfortable beds, LCD television and they can bath in a pool and have a massage. Pet owners who live in small apartments or can't provide to their pets a place to play, now have an option to send them to this hotel for a afternoon play.

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