Moving Story of the Cutest Little Coyote Gemma – 11 photos + 3 Videos

See how sweet and cuddly I am! And sociable! Here, I’m just expecting some friends, I love when we all gather, socialize, joke and enjoy. I’m also expecting Lily the fox, who is my great friend, and mama duck with her little ones, and the family of roe deer, and I’m always happy to see the dogs Molly and Princess, as well as Sheagwa the cat. All of my friends, like me, enjoy nature, that’s why I’m expecting them so impatiently at the party I organize in our garden with beautiful vegetable sandwiches and a delicious fruit salad. Although our game may seem like a fight to somebody, we are actually playing that way. You've seen how small dogs are sometimes biting each other and rolling over – that's it, biting and rolling are cool! 🙂

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