Melting from Joy – 7 pics + video

This dog that you're about to see, has a very unusual role – his job is to take care of these cute, little lamb that is now an orphan, so the dog has to feed it regularly. This charming dog is taking his task seriously and holds the milk bottle very patiently while the lamb is drinking. There is a saying that I completely agree with – I'm always amazed by the stupidity of people and by the intelligence of animals. This story definitely can be categorized as the second part of the saying. After you've watched the video you'll realize that all of these words were completely unnecessary, but never mind. Enjoy, I literally melted!

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melting from joy01

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melting from joy02

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melting from joy03

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melting from joy04

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melting from joy05

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melting from joy06

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melting from joy07


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