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Who said that monkeys are nothing like humans? Admittedly, there are some differences here and there; but still, apart from the obvious physical likeness (two arms, two feet, one head), monkeys show some striking similarity in behavior as well. They resemble us in quite a few unexpected ways, and here’s some of them. Has ever the Beethoven’s fifth sounded this majestic? This fella is more than ready for a concert, he’s pumped!

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theyre so much like us 1

Yeah, we’re not the only species who can get annoyed by their computers. This little guy, the vexation steaming from his ears, sees something he doesn’t like aaaand…

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theyre so much like us 2

…trashes the laptop down the table! He’s got a really short fuse, doesn’t he?

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theyre so much like us 3

Admit it, you secretly want to glide down the slide like this, even though you believe to be a tad too old for it. But Jimmy here doesn’t mind, and he’s older than most; in monkey years, of course.

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theyre so much like us 4

What? What are you looking at? Don’t you see I’m enjoying my ride?

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theyre so much like us 5

Cats lick themselves, dogs pant, pigs bathe in mud, and humans dip handkerchiefs in water and wipe their chins. What do monkeys do too cool themselves, I wonder?

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theyre so much like us 6

Both of us, monkey and humans alike, need a hug every once in a while.

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theyre so much like us 7

Heads up, chest to the ground! This is how you do push-ups. And notice the breathing as well.

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theyre so much like us 8

However devoted to your cat, sometimes you won’t be at home when she desperately needs some grooming. Might as well hire an assistant then.

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theyre so much like us 9

He’s feeling the music all right, and in a way that most people don’t. Remember Patrick here and his insane moves; he’ll be a star one day.

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theyre so much like us 10

Another one with the sick moves, but this time in karate form. There’s no messing around with this guy.

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theyre so much like us 11

No need to be embarrassed, we all do this when we bath. Or at least have done it. Once. Long ago.

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theyre so much like us 12

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