Meet Quito the Baby Brazilian Tapir – 4 pics

Marwell Wildlife is celebrating the recent birth of a Brazilian tapir. Born on 2 September to proud mum Summer and dad Ronny, the baby girl has been named ‘Quito’ (pronounced kito) after the capitol city of Ecuador, which lies in the western part of the tapir range. Quito was born with a very pretty coat of pale spots and stripes on a reddish brown background. When she is around a year old she will lose her markings and develop a beautiful light brown colour, just like her big sister Rio.  “Quito is doing really well and is full of confidence, she loves nothing better than exploring her new home. Summer is an excellent mum, whilst her big sister Rio and dad Ronny are never far away in case she runs into trouble.”

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baby tapir

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baby tapir

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baby tapir

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baby tapir

Source: Zooborns

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