Looks Like Unicorns Were Real! – 10 pics

Looks like the unicorns were real once upon a time, or at least the officials of North Korea say so. At the end of the last week they released an amazing statement saying that the Korean scientists discovered the unicorn cemetery, so the unicorns weren't just some mythical creatures. This was released by their “The Central News Agency” which had various questionable headlines, so the news is to be taken with precaution. They say the the unicorn cemetery was discovered near one of the temples in Pyongyang – the capital of North Korea. At the entrance there was a stone slab with the inscription “Lair of the unicorns” written on it. The public is still waiting for more information to be released. If they really existed, what made them disappear? Wouldn't it be great if they would've existed, as well as the Pegasus? Or better, that someone today could have them as a pet? Or this is just one of the weirdest sorts of propaganda seen in modern history?

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