Griffon Vulture – Beautiful Bird – 8 Pics

Griffon vulture (Gyps fulvous) is a large bird of vultures in the family Accipitridae which can be found mostly in southern Europe, southwest Asia and North Africa. This is a bird of very impressive size that can grow up to 110 cm in length, and to reach the weight to 11 pounds. He is called king of heaven, and that is the name this bird got from ancient Egypt. Wingspan of griffon vulture can go up to amazing 3 meters.

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Typical griffon vulture has white head, bare neck and yellow beak, broad wings and short tail. Newly born are without plumage. They are one of the largest bird of prey and often fly in flocks. Vultures feed themselves with dead animals and on that way they are preventing the spread of diseases and thus participate in the “natural recycling”.

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