You Are Annoying Me – 11 Pics

Respected guests of Animal's Look, we have selected the most beautiful, likable photos among thousands of them that arrived during last two years. Let’s remember the photos of your pets, and precious beings to all of us. You like cats? Sorry, but I have to ask you directly. It seems people either don't like them or they adore them. I still haven’t met anyone who doesn’t have an opinion it. Those who don't like them know the reason for it. Usually because of the hair, them walking on the table, walking around your legs… But those who love them, tolerantly ignore all of that “little things”. They are really enjoying with their pets and respect their personality and temperament. And to be honest cats are very distinctive! Playing with you will satisfy them. As they spend the big part of their lives napping, they often send us a message: “Never wake a sleeping tiger!”. Well there comes the real tolerance of the ones that adore kitties – they’ll wait in the ambush and grab every moment when their cat is ready for playing. Well, that’s love! 🙂

Oooh, please, turn that light off! Don't you see how tired and sleepy I am? And this bed is so comfortable. I want to sleep on it just a bit more, and dream cute, catty dreams. Turn that light off or leave the room! You hear me?!

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Author: Monika Prison, Description: White kitty placed her paw on her eyesPin

Author: Monika Prison

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