Funny Cats – video

Funny cats, yeah, you all probably heard it a lot. This video is a compilation of all funny cat videos and miniclips I saw before, and many that I did not. It was seen more than 10 million times and I think it was pretty cool to share it with you all. You might seen some of these before, in shorter videos but I doupt that you seen all of it yet. Playing with cats in these ways like the flashlighty and all is funny though it should be done within some limits so the cat doesn't get hurt or does not like it all. In other clips where cats just jump onto something or of it with some reasons of their own can seem pretty weird, but it's still nonetheless funny to see. I know this is not similar with other things that you will find on this address but thought to make more categories and make it a bit bigger so people can find what they like on their own. Hope you enjoy the vid and hope it makes your day better!

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