Fate Has Brought Together Two Lambs Who Have Lost Their Moms – 12 Pictures

It is interesting how sometimes while you lose something on one side, on the other you get even more. Maybe that is a balance which nature makes around. This was the case with two lambs who were born on the same day and lost their moms at the same time.

Meet Gary – Lamb From the Auction

Some animals just don’t have luck in their lives. Or, maybe that just looks like that? Gary was born somewhere on the way to the livestock auction. If he just waited a few hours more, maybe he would be sold together with his mother. But, his sad destiny was to stay without her on this way, and this is how the story started. One of the farmers saw him around and decided to save him. He called people from “Where Pigs Fly” and secured a new home for this frightened animal.

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