You Think Cats Can’t Fly? Think Again after You Look at These Photos – 10 Pictures

Is there anyone who wouldn’t like to experience flying? I know I would love to fly around the world, above oceans and mountains and look at some beautiful places from a different perspective. That is why I am so jealous of birds, bees and other flying insects, and… cats. Yes, cats. Of course, I know cats don’t really fly, but these images that are caught at the right moment make it look like they can. So, even though I shouldn’t really envy cats for their flying abilities, I am jealous for their jumping abilities, as well as their ability to just lie around all day. But, enough of that, let’s take a look at these awesome flying cats.

These guys don’t know what they missed

This picture is one of my favorite photos of flying cats because it is also a photobomb as well. And I like the contrast in it. I mean, you have a regular photo of people enjoying lunch, but when you look closer, you see something you don’t see every day – a flying cat. You can almost feel sorry for those people in the photo because they missed a unique opportunity to see a cat soaring through the air.

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