Do Dogs and Humans Get the Same Benefits From CBD?

Can dogs use CBD oil? Many people are starting to dose their furry friends with CBD oil, but it’s important to get all the information before you make that choice. Once you’ve determined that CBD oil is safe for dogs, you then have to figure out how it can help. With this information, it’s easier to tell whether your dog might benefit from CBD, then see whether it’s actually helping once you start giving it to your dog.

So how does CBD oil help dogs, especially when compared to how it helps humans? It’s an important part of the puzzle that you need to have before you actually start using CBD oil for dogs. This is the full rundown on the differences and similarities so you know what you’re doing before you start doing it.

A Sense of Calm

This is one of the most commonly-cited benefits of CBD oil for humans, and it turns out that it carries over to dogs as well. That sense of calm and focus that many humans feel from CBD oil is an important part of CBD oil for dogs.

Dogs can feel anxiousness just like humans in many ways. Although dogs might not worry over the same things, there are plenty of reasons for dogs to feel anxious — meeting new people, finding new things, experiencing unexpected weather, extreme heat, and encountering other animals can all be very stressful for dogs. With CBD oil, you don’t have to worry as much whether your dog is feeling stressed out. You can instead focus on giving your dog a good time.

Joint Health

Scientists are still trying to discern whether CBD is effective for joint health in humans, but it can definitely be helpful for dogs. This is similar in many ways to how CBD can help athletes in recovery. If you think about it, dogs are in some ways “exercising” much more than most people. Dogs have a tendency to run around more, and they use all four legs for walking at all times. That causes a lot of stress on joints, which you can help alleviate with CBD oil for dogs.

This is true for both young and old dogs. Many people don’t think of their dog’s joints until they’re already having a difficult time as they age. It’s actually very important for you to be proactive in addressing joint health in dogs, because it’s more likely that your dog will live a full and happy life with better joint health all the way through.

More Comfort and Better Sleep

Although CBD oil can help many people with more restful and relaxing sleep, it’s not clear whether that extends to dogs. Because it tends to generally help dogs, it could be that it improves sleep, even though dogs have very different sleeping patterns than humans. It could also be that by improving dogs’ sense of calm, dogs can also sleep more calmly. Either way, CBD oil for dogs seems to enhance many parts of a dog’s life.

In general, CBD oil for dogs can just improve your dog’s demeanor. That’s one of the reasons why so many pet owners have started to use it for their own pets. If you use CBD oil for yourself, you already know how useful it can be. You can now extend that usefulness to your dog with CBD oil specifically formulated for dogs.


Whether you’re totally new to CBD oil or you’ve been using it yourself for many years, there’s no denying the significant anecdotal evidence behind it. Its potential benefits for dogs are certainly different than its benefits for humans, but these benefits are useful for a dog’s life anyway.

You should never settle for a low-quality CBD oil just because you’re buying it for your pet. Charlotte’s Web has the high-quality CBD oil for dogs that you’ve been looking for. Plus, Charlotte’s Web offers an unflavored CBD oil and a chicken-flavored blend, so you can find the perfect one for your dog. No matter what your dog is dealing with, get a high-quality CBD oil for dogs and help your dog on the way to a healthier lifestyle.

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