Bonded in Fire, Now Reunited – 5 pics

Strength of animal love is something that we're mostly familiar with. These guys took it to the next level. While serving in the war-torn Afghanistan, they met their furry companions and bonded with them through the heat of battle. They adopted these dogs that followed them bravely through hail of bullets, explosions and all the way until the end of their tour in Afghanistan. Upon arriving home in US, hearth broken soldiers decided to organize the same trip for their beloved companions. Happy ending of this story you can see through the next few pics.

Upon arriving on JFK airport, still waiting for their teammates.

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bonded in fire now reunited 1

Specialist Sheila Schaffer back in Afghanistan when she just found her little puppy named Charlie.

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bonded in fire now reunited 2

And now reunited with him on the JFK.

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bonded in fire now reunited 3

Specialist Penny Herald and her dog named Liberty

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bonded in fire now reunited 4

Whole crew together again, survived and baptized through hellish situations, now safe and happy.

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bonded in fire now reunited 5

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