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When Darius Sasnauskas from Lihuania witnessed this sad moment from his back window, he knew he had to intervene. The little guy on the left hurt his leg which prevented him to follow his mommy and was left behind.

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baby fawn 1

Being a good outdoorsman and knowing that there are a lot of predators around, Darius took little fawn in and started nursing him. Among other things, he made a leg brace for the baby deer, enabling his leg to heal properly.

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baby fawn 2

While nursing little fawn, he had help from his faithful dog who kept a watchful eye over the baby deer and made sure nothing bad comes his way.

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baby fawn 3

Soon, his leg healed enough for him to be able to walk around and get to know his surroundings.

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baby fawn 4

Darius and his new friend formed one adorable friendship, and it resulted in something that Darius hoped won't happen – little fawn got too attached.

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baby fawn 5

He tried to reintroduce it to the wilds several time, but the little guy kept coming back.

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baby fawn 6

Luckily, his mother came by some time later, and when he spotted her, he immediately rushed to her and reunited with his true family.

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baby fawn 7

If you're interested in checking out the full story, you can do it by clicking on the video below.

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