Animals Helping Humans in Most Critical of the Situations – 14 Stories

7. Golden Retriever Saves Boy from Cougar

That day started as usual for a 11-year-old boy from Canada. He went to his backyard with his best friend, Golden Retriever named Angel to get some firewood. While collecting firewood, he noticed something that wasn’t as usual – Angel was acting weirdly, sniffing the air and letting out low growls. Before he managed to turn around, he was pounced by a cougar. While cougar was still in mid-flight, Angel ran in front of the boy, absorbing the hit and then started the desperate fight to defend his 11 years old buddy. Luckily, there was a police constable nearby who shot the cougar few minutes into the fight and saved little boy and his dog. Aftermath of that conflict for two friends was pretty amazing, considering what they had gone through. The boy was unharmed while Angel had several pretty deep injuries and bite marks. Veterinarian who took care of him said that it was perfect timing for policeman to show up, because otherwise cougar would make quick work of Angel.

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