Animals Helping Humans in Most Critical of the Situations – 14 Stories

6. Cat Saves Couple from Gas Leak

Back in 2007, Trudy was awaken by her kitten around 2:00 am. While she, at first, dismissed it as Schnautzie (her kitten) just being playful, after kitten didn’t stop, she realized something wasn’t right. The little one was jumpy and was sniffing the air intensely which prompted Trudy to wake her husband up to see if everything was ok. Trudy’s husband, Greg, soon realized one of the gas pipes in their basement burst and they were having a serious gas leak. They picked up the cat and ran from the house. Later on, they were informed by the firefighters that the house would have explode in 10 minutes if they hadn’t call it in on time, thanks to the kitten’s warning. Schnautzie was awarded Purple Paw award from the Montana Great Falls Animal Foundation for saving her owners.

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