A Mammoth Who Lived in Paris – 7 pics

Almost the entire skeleton of a mammoth, that lived between 200 000 and 50 000 BC was found near Paris, it was announced in the French capital. The skeleton was found during a search at the Roman site in the northeast of Paris last summer. On a sandy soil, archaeologists easily and immediately recognized the mammoth tusks, thigh bone and a part of the skeleton. Later during the search they found the rest of the skeleton. In addition to the skeleton, the archaeologists found a flint that is evidence of the contact that existed between animals and Neanderthals. Detailed analysis of the bones should provide life history of mammoth named “Helmut”. It is not clear whether this mammoth who lived in Paris was male or female and whether it died of natural causes or during the hunt. All they know for sure that the mammoth was between 20 and 30 years of age.

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