5 False Myths About Pet Care

Despite our ever growing knowledge about everything that surrounds us, including our pets, there are still rumors and myths about pet care that bring worries. In order to clarify some things, we made a list of some of the most frequent fallacies concerning pets' health and tried to explain the truth. This is only the top of the iceberg, it's on you to dig up more and get complete and further information.

1. Parasite protection is not necessary during the whole year

Some parasites like nematodes can infect an animal during the whole year, so continuous and efficient prevention is considered necessary. However, despite of the common beliefs that most parasites attack during warmer periods, in the recent years, there has been an increase in tick and flee bites during winter season. That's why it is important to always protect your pet against these parasites.

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2. Neutering (sterilization) calms an animal down

Neutering of male dogs, if it is done in an early age, will modify some unpleasant behavior models, like humping on you (or even worse – your guests) or marking territory with urine. Still, neutering of animals can have multiple benefits for animal's health – it is considered to be a testicle, prostate and womb cancer prevention.

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3. Cats mark their territory with urine

Although cats sometimes use their urine to mark their territory, frequent urinating outside the designated place could reveal a serious health problem – it could be a symptom of infection of urinary tract, stone in the bladder, diabetes… Sometimes, this kind of behavior could be a sign that your cat is suffering from anxiety. In case you notice this unusual and unwanted behavior, take your cat to the vet, just in case.

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4. Pets shouldn't brush their teeth

If pets don't brush their teeth, either using dental sticks you can buy in any pet shop, or using a special brush, it could lead to serious gum disease, as well as to significant decrease of pets' general life quality. Feel free and we encourage you to research more about this topic by yourself and on how to brush your cat's or dog's teeth without stress for any one of you.

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5. The only way to show love to our pet is by using food

Yes, we know it. It's hard to resist their eyes looking at you so desperately while waiting for another treat, or while you eat! Some of us still have problems with staying immune to that. But too much food and sweet treats may possibly cause health problems. Obesity can lead to skin, bone, heart and liver problems, as well as to arthritis. Consult your vet about how much food is enough for your pet, it's not the same for all cats or dogs, even within the same breed. And of course, when you want to show your love and affection to your fluffy friend, spend some quality time with them, playing and cuddling, that's definitely the best way to do it.

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