9 Reasons Ferrets Are Great Pets

Even though ferrets are not suitable for everyone, they can be great pets when they have proper owners. They are gentle and attached to their owners. There are very few pets that love to play like ferrets, although they can sometimes be very peaceful all day. So, here are 9 best reasons why ferrets make great pets, just in case you were considering to have one.

1. Ferrets love playing and they are pretty curious

They will make you laugh with their craziness and merriment. They will gladly play with toys you give them, and just looking at ferrets causes joy and improves your mood. Remember, it is well-known that having pets has a great impact on health and well being, as well as lots of benefits for your children, who definitely should grow up with a pet.

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9 reasons ferrets are great pets 1

2. Ferrets are social and loyal

Experts always advise (even if it's not mandatory) to get more than only one ferret. If you have two or more of them, there will be more fun and joy for all of you, because then even if you don't have time to play with them and pay lots of attention on them, they'll have each other. Nevertheless, they will always tend to spend as much time as they can with their owner.

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3. Ferrets are very intelligent

Some owners are surprised by the way in which ferrets solve problems – it can even be inspiring for the owner. So ferrets are teachers in a way! They are very persistent and will deal with things that require persistence and patience as a way of having fun.

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9 reasons ferrets are great pets 3

4. Ferrets are very quiet

Although they have a voice, they are very quiet most of the time. For example, the only time when you will hear a ferret is when it is hurt or very scared or in danger. Also, they sleep a lot, so you can have your peace and rest during the night.

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5. Ferrets are small

This is the reason they don't require big space. If you must keep them in a cage, it should be a big and multi-leveled one, but it's always best to let them be free in your garden. If you don't have a garden, you should certainly let them out of cage to play freely during the day.

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6. Ferrets don't have special requests when it comes to food

Besides this, we should add that various kinds of quality ferret diet/food is available in pet stores lately.

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7. You can easily teach them to use their toilet

Well, probably not as easily as you can teach cats to use their toilets, but still, all you need to do is try not to lose your cool while teaching them, remember – all beginnings are hard.

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8. Ferrets like to exercise

Just running around your flat or garden is an exercise good enough for them. Of course, if you want, you can take them for a walk. They can get used to it pretty easily if you get them an appropriate leash, and there is no better way to start a friendly chat with a stranger than walking a ferret.

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9 reasons ferrets are great pets 9

9. Ferrets come with different personalities

Each and every ferret is unique and has its own personality. Some are independent, some very moody, but each of them is unique, so try to get to know them better once you get them.

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9 reasons ferrets are great pets 10

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