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Choosing new family addition can sometimes be tough. You need to consider many things, if you have enough space, energy to take your animal out, time to tend to your pet, and show him love or how will the new pet effect your budget.  If you are willing to live with a bird, we will introduce you to some facts that will make your choice easier.

The bigger the cage the happier your parrot will be

Parrots usually don't take much space; you can be sure that your bed will be all yours, if you had dogs you know what I am talking about. With bird as a pet, you can be sure that he will sleep in his cage. The size of your parrot determines the size of his cage. You don't want to confine your bird to a small space, try to find the perfect size cage that will fit into your apartment, and also be enough big so your bird don't feel like a captive.

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If you want to save money, learn some grooming techniques

Owning a parrot can save you some money in comparison to dogs and cats. Parrots are very clean animals, and they do their grooming by themselves, so you don't have to worry about costs of grooming your pet in a salon. They only need trimming of their beaks and nails, but you can do that yourself. If that is something you are afraid to do, you can always take your parrot to a professional, and pay for it. 

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Parrots are the only animals who can actually talk to you

Parrots are very intelligent animals, and they are trained easily. Some kinds of parrots can learn to talk.  You can have so much fun while training your bird to talk, and if you live alone, it is always good thing hearing a familiar voice welcome you home. But you should keep in mind that your parrot can pick up some words that you didn't intended for him to know. 

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Parrots don't need walks

If you are not into walking your pet and scooping liter after him, parrot is the right choice. You need to clean his cage every day, but people find this easier that potty training a cat or walking a dog. Also there is no worry that a parrot will break out of a house, or destroy your furniture and belongings. 

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The smaller the animal, the lesser food she can eat

You will spend less money on food for a parrot in comparison to a dog or even a cat. You can find special mix of food for your kind of parrot in any pet shop. They also like eating fruits and vegetables. Birds in general are good in hiding that they are sick, and it is very important to take your parrot for his regular checkups with veterinarian.

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Parrot isn't an exotic accessory to your house

When you are getting a parrot you should keep in mind that he is a live being, not some exotic thing that will brighten your home. It is best not to keep your parrot in a cage all the time. Remember he is not your captive – he is your pet, who needs to stretch his wings and socialize with you. 

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Your pet parrot can actually live longer than you

Parrots can live very long, some species like Cockatoo and Amazonian parrots live more than 75 years, even the small species like Parakeet can live around 20 years. That's why parrots are good choice for a pet, more so if you lost some of your previous pets. Their longevity will postpone the pain and grief that comes with losing your companion.  Because some of parrot species live so long there is a possibility that your bird will outlive you. If there is any chance of that happening, make a contingency plan so there is no chance that your best friend become homeless

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All they really need is love

This is the same for every pet animal, but we will mention it regardless. Although they are very intelligent, parrots like all pet animals are dependent of you. They need attention, care and most of all love. They can be your best talking buddy, but only if you teach him. Make fun and loving environment for your parrot, and you will have very smart companion for a long time. 

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