What the Attitude of Your Dog Tells You – 11 pics

For every dog owner it is important to understand when you pet feels comfortable and when it does not. Many dog owners, even those more experienced, they are not always able to read the subtle signals that indicate discomfort. Learn the basic signals that your dog's body sends, in order to avoid stressful situations. If your dog is content and happy you will notice the following signals:

1. It looks calm with a relaxed posture, almost meandering, and gently waving tail, sometimes swinging his whole body.

2. His eyes are half-opened, and almond-shaped and you can't see the whites of the eyes.

3. He mainly opens its mouths slowly and in a relaxed way, but the angles are not drawn.

4. Its ears are normal or slightly elevated. When a dog has interest in something he/she leans them a bit forward and other movements are slowed down.

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