What Do You Know About Goldfish? – 6 pics

There are two groups of goldfish. While the first group is suitable for a tank, the other one is suitable for a pond. Goldfish suitable for the tank are generally shaped like egg and they will have double tail and bubble eyes. Examples of this type are moors, celestials, fantails, pompoms etc.The other species is suitable for a pond. These will require more space to move around. Examples of such species are commons, shubunkins and comets. If you try to put these varieties in the tank, they may not survive for a long time. What should be the size of the tank ideal for goldfish? You should try to get the tank as big as possible. If you are introducing a pair, you should have the tank capacity of at least 40 gallons. Generally 20 gallons of water per goldfish is considered ideal. However, when you transfer goldfish from a pond to the tank, you need to provide at least 60 gallons per goldfish to keep them happy.

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Why they require this much area? Goldfish produce a lot of waste. They don't have stomach, so whatever they eat will come out soon. This contaminates the water quickly. They also grow large and very quickly! If you deliberately keep them in a small tank, they will be very uncomfortable and sometimes it will lead to problems which will lead to their death. How much bigger the goldfish can grow? The variety suitable for a tank can grow up to 10 inches while the one suitable for the pond can grow up to 18 inches. How long the goldfish can live? If you are providing appropriate environment and food then they can live up to 25 years!

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Is it suitable to keep goldfish in a bowl? Absolutely not! One Goldfish needs at least 15 to 20 gallons of water with good filtration and maintenance. In the absence of such conditions, they will get suffocated. The bowl will not provide sufficient surface area also which will not provide enough oxygen for the fish. Do you need to install a heater in your tank for keeping goldfish? Not required. Goldfish are the cold water fish and they do not require any heating. Can I put other varieties of fish in my goldfish tank? You can put cold water fish varieties like white clouds or trenches in your goldfish tank.

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However you should not introduce any tropical fish in the same tank. I have a very small tank to keep goldfish. What should I do? In that situation you should consider of selling your goldfish to someone who can take proper care of them. There is no point keeping them in a small tank. While cycling my tank where should I put goldfish? While you are doing your cycling of water, you should keep your goldfish in a separate place because the process of cycling will give stress to your fish. It can also make them vulnerable to many diseases.

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Where goldfish comes from? Goldfish comes from China where they were bred in different varieties and then introduce to the world. My Goldfish is sick, what should I do? Observe carefully the symptoms of your goldfish and then make an on-line search. You can also go for some digital books which can help you. If you know the correct cause for their sickness, you can treat them after consulting some expert or after getting some on-line help. Which plants are suitable for my Goldfish? There is no such specific requirement. Any plant which is healthy can be suitable for them. Introduce some plants which are hard so that Goldfish will not try to eat them! I can suggest crypts, swords, anubias or sagittaria.

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