What Do the Dogs See When Watching TV – 10 pics

People often say that dogs can really understand what happens when they watch television – but is it really true? Do modern TVs with higher resolution and sharper images allow the dogs to really see what is happening on the screen? What do the dogs see when watching TV? The number of frames needed to deceive the eyes and the brain to make the TV picture that is being looked upon as a movie, instead of just flickering on the screen, differs from animal to animal. People need at least 18 to 20 frames changing per second to perceive what they see as a movie, while the dogs need about 70 frames per second. Although dogs can see what's happening on the screen, they do not see the same things as people see. Dogs can see colors, but not the same colors that people see. What is red for us, can be white or yellow for them, because they have fewer color receptions in the retina. They can see a bird flying across the TV screen just as thoroughly as they do in real life, so it is no surprise that some dogs jump to the TV when a wolf or a horse appears.

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