Well known Pink Birds – Flamingoes – 19 pics

The big flamingo is as high as the adult person, while the small one is tall as the first grade pupil. They have long and curved-downward beaks. Depending on the type they weight from 1,5kg to 4kg. They usually live 20 to 30 years, but some extreme examples lived for about half a century. These beautiful birds inhabit lagoons, lakes and swamps where there is a lot of mud. Flamingoes also can be found near the seas and lakes far from any other water source. Vivid pink color of these birds comes from alpha and beta carotene, which their food has an abundance of, and the blue-green algae and tiny crustaceans. Flamingo eats seeds and mollusks. These birds are very social. They live in colonies that can bring together tens of thousands of them. One interesting thing about them is that because of the very coordinated behavior in the colony all the flamingos will raise their babies at the same time. This must look amazing!

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