Real Life Stories of Animals Helping Each Other out of Tight Spots – 5 Pictures + 5 Videos

From time to time, all of us stumbles upon a story about animals risking their lives to save people from certain death, but animals also rescue their fellow friends. Their superb instincts play the huge role in these rescues, but they are mainly acts of bravery and kindness. 

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These two hippos had a surprising visitor one day. By accident, this little duckling has fell over the edge into their pond and didn’t know how to get out. Its mother was helpless, she just watched as her baby struggled to get out. Duckling continues to jump in hope to be reunited with his mother, but the pool edge was too big of a hurdle, and then when everything seemed hopeless for the duckling – help arrived. Two hippos come closer, assessed the situation and lifted scared duckling over the edge. Ducking was saved and reunited with his mother, and the two hippos become heroes. 

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There is nothing stronger than mothers love, and this baby buffalo is a living proof of that. This baby was an easy prey for the hungry pack of lions. You think, there is no chance that he is alive, and it seems that time passes so slowly. But after it seems hours, buffalo mama came to the rescue with the whole heard. Buffalos started to attack lions, kicking and impaling them to their horns making them run for their lives. Little buffalo survived this lion attack thanks to his mother and the whole heard. 

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Leonie Allan and her dog Rex who is a pointer went out for a walk one day. While walking they spotted a kangaroo who was hit by a car, it was a sad scene. But thanks to Rex, the baby kangaroo who was still in the mother’s pouch was saved. His owner said that Rex was very careful and gentle with the kangaroo baby and that they started to cuddle instantly. Thank s to this kind dog this kangaroo got a chance to live long and happy life.

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Dolphins are incredibly intelligent animals, and it’s no wonder that one of the rescuing stories involves a dolphin. Two whales got stuck on a beach in New Zealand, for hours people were trying to help them go back into the sea, but they didn’t succeed . On the verge of losing hope and thinking that there is nothing else to do, a dolphin whose name is Moko, came to the rescue. Moko communicated with the whales and in a matter of minutes they found their way back to the sea

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Elephants are very intelligent and very protective of their young ones. After baby elephant has fallen into the muddy water, several female elephants try to save him. They swap places in the effort to pull the baby elephant out of the mud. In the end two of them entered into the mud and gently pushed the baby in the right direction, on the solid ground. Everything ends up well, and this baby can be proud of having such a protective family.

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Next story is not like ones before it, but it is a story about rescuing. Opossum Poncho, become orphaned when his mother was hit by a car. He had the luck that good people had found him and that he made an unusual friend – white German shepherd named Pantu. They become inseparable instantly. Pantu carries Poncho on her back all the time, and they are the best of friends. So even though Pantu didn’t directly save Ponchos live, she had made a big impact on the quality of his life

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This hippo is like a lifeguard, he patrols the waters of the huge Mara River and helps baby animals to safely cross to the other shore. He first helps a wildebeest calf to cross safely by placing himself downstream and using his body as a shield from strong river current. He followed the calf until he was safe with the rest of the herd on the other shore. His next rescue mission was saving a little zebra, he used the same technique like with wildebeest until the zebra was safe on the rocks. At the end, hippo gentle nudges her towards her family. 

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I don’t know if the next video is some kind of exercise for rescuing missions, but this dog is extraordinary. Two other dogs are in the canoe who is carried by fast river tide, their friend jumps into the water and manages to pull the canoe and the two dogs on the shore. If this is an exercise, this dog certainly got an A+.

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Height can sometimes come in handy, and this little dog is so lucky for having this tall guy as a friend. I am not certain how he climbed on this horses back, but it is a good thing he did. This horse probably saved his life because this picture was taken during the floods that took many lives, both human and animal.

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true stories of animals helping each other out of tight spots 5 pictures 5 videos 5

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