They Deserve Oscars Too – 6 pics

Does the presence of animals in a movie can improve or reduce its chances of getting an Oscar? Check out some of the movies that were nominated or won an Oscar, and in which the animals appeared and decide for yourself.

1. The Artist

The Oscar winner for Best Picture in 2011, The Artist, was marked by the Oscar-winning acting Jean Dujardin, but for all those who love animals, the real star of the movie was a Jack Russell Terrier Uggie. Although he walked away with the Oscar in his paws, his tricks on the screen were enough to secure him a contract for the book “My Story”, which was released in October 2012.

they deserve oscars too01

2. The March of the Penguins

The documentary with narration by Morgan Freeman won an Oscar for best documentary in 2006. The story follows royal penguins on the way to their place for mating in Antarctica. Anyone who has watched this documentary certainly wished to adopt at least one of the penguins.

they deserve oscars too02

3. War Horse

The story of an epic adventure of the horse during World War II was originally written as a children's story, then it was adapted into a play, and last year, Steven Spielberg made a movie on this story, which was nominated for an Oscar. War Horse may be one of the best examples of why the animals are our best friends.

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4. The Cove

The subject of this documentary is much darker story than of the most movies dealing with animals. Many of the scenes involve the killing of dolphins and other sea creatures. But the movie also sends an important message about the urgent need to protect the animals and points out the cruelty done upon the animals in the present day.

they deserve oscars too04

5.Born Free

Mainly known for music that has been awarded with an Oscar, this movie shot in Kenya in 1966 follows a guard of a reserve who raises a lion cub and teaches him how to be prepared for the life in the wilderness. Since it was made before the mass use of special effects, all of the lions in the movie are real.

they deserve oscars too05

6. Babe

Nominated for best film of the 1996, Babe has a fairly large cast made up primarily of farm animals led by the irresistible pig Babe.

they deserve oscars too06

After seeing all these movies I'm sure you'll agree with me, they deserve an Oscar, too.

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