The Variety of Feline World Is Astounding – 7 Pictures

So far, scientists have identified 41 different species of cats. Here, on Animals Look we talk about the cats all the time but mostly it's because they are extraordinarily cute or funny. Today, we'll talk about the cats that you just don't see very often either because their population is small or because they live in places not many humans go to.

1. Pallas' cat

Pallas' cat are believed to be the oldest cats (they evolved to their “current look” some 12 million years ago). They're about the same size as your house cat but have round pupils instead of usual “slits”.

the variety of feline wolrd is astounding 2

2. Caracal cat

Caracal cat got its name from the Turkish word “karakulak” which would translate to “black ears”. These felines are fearless night hunters who often attack pray few times their size.

the variety of feline wolrd is astounding 10

3. Flat-Headed cats

Flat-Headed cats originate from islands of Borneo and Sumatra and are docile fish hunters. Their nocturnal hunting habits are keeping them off the predators' radars.

the variety of feline wolrd is astounding 11

4. Margay

Margay are, same as the most of the cat species, nocturnal hunters, originating from Central and South America. What is specific for them is that they're excellent climbers. And also, adorable…

the variety of feline wolrd is astounding 5

5. Andean mountain cat

Andean mountain cat are only seen in Andes mountains in South America. They're so rare that they are rarely even seen, let alone photographed. Their population is estimated to around 2500. This is one of the rare species of cats that you can't see anywhere in the world in captivity.

the variety of feline wolrd is astounding 1

6. Fishing cat

As expected, Fishing cat, native to Asia lives next to the water. They are still having a decent population, but are rapidly decreasing in numbers because of humans destroying and polluting their habitats…Also, as expected…

the variety of feline wolrd is astounding 3

7. Sand cats

Sand cats live in the hot parts of the world, Arabian Peninsula and Africa. They share the same trait that some arctic cats have, fur growing between their toes. Reason is the same, insulation from extreme ground temperatures.

the variety of feline wolrd is astounding 4

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