The African Animals – Dangerous and Unique Gems of Nature – 8 Pictures

Like every continent, Africa is unique in its diversity and richness of animal species. Specific birds, dangerous big cats and other interesting animals bear the sign of national in some countries. Each is special and worthy of attention.

A Strange Detail Worth as a Gold

One small detail is sometimes enough to make us remember someone or something for a long time. Red-crested Turaco has just such a striking detail that makes him really special. His red crest is of about 2 inches long when stands upright and is not easy to forget it. But, you can see this only in the moments of bird's excitement. Angola is a country that can freely enter the list of countries with one of the most authentic national animals in the world. The Turaco's feathers have pure red and green color and that is not just a reflection that occurs at different angles depending on the brightness. What you probably cannot believe is that the Red-crested Turaco can rotate the outer toes, which is not so common for the birds. Males and females form monogamous community and have a very interesting way of courting to each other during mating.

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The Elusive Trophy

Democratic Republic of Congo for its greatest treasure in the world consider the animal Okapi. This close relative to giraffe has colorful legs in the form of black and white stripes. Although by his appearance this animal cannot be completely identified with his cousin and looks more like a zebra, the main similarity is in their tongue of long dark blue color of about 30 centimeters. His favorite areas for living are dense forests and these are extremely favorable because it does not like the presence of humans and other animals that can be a threat. This animal has a remarkable ability to sense the presence of a human, but only when he is already close, but at a distance of several kilometers. This is the reason why the Okapi is almost elusive, and it's tough to get close to him.

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Egypt Has Its Own Prey

While very reminiscent of the tawny eagle, Steppe Eagle is an authentic representative of the Egyptian animal kingdom. This large and powerful bird is largely brown, while her wings and tail feathers are streaked with black. It is larger and darker than the tawny eagle, which is one additional difference. He hunts fast and mostly in silence, and when it gives a discharge sound that is like a barking that otherwise we can hear from crows. Steppe eagle mostly feeds on small animals. This bird is characterized by the gape which is located under the central part of the eye. An oval nose is also different in comparison to other types of eagles. This type of eagle does not belong to endangered species so his survival is not in question.

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The Poor Country Possesses an Enormous Wealth

No matter how Ethiopia is a poor country and the people there strap in food and drinking water, the country still has one immense wealth. Its richness is reflected in the fact that for the national animal this country has an Ethiopian lion, that is considered a subset of a real African lion. These two lions are very similar, except that the Ethiopian lion is slightly smaller. However, this does not detract from his beauty and he looks just as impressive as his closest relative. It is believed that these lions revealed once lost lion population. In any case, the king of animals is really worthy to be a national symbol of one country.

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Two Countries and One Joy

Although Rwanda and Somalia together belong to the African continent, none of these countries have the exclusive right to claim an African leopard as its national animal. These countries have the right to share this beauty that captivates with his grandiose phenomenon. They inhabit the mountain forests, but also the savannas and grasslands. Only desert areas they are not suitable for them. These animals are resting during the day, but with the first twilight they become dangerous predators which depart in search of their prey. They often catch small animals, but they show no fear when have to attack very large animals, such as eland. Year after year, their habitats are decreasing while the trophy hunting is another concern for their survival.

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The wealth of South Africa

The Springbok is a graceful and elegant animal, which is a kind of antelope and occupies a special place in South Africa. His name is derived from two words, one is spring, which means jump on the language of Africans and another Bok, which is the expression for an antelope. These animals can jump very high, even 6.5 feet in height, which contributes to the fact they are very fast moving. One special characteristic about them is they can survive for a very long time without water, even several years, as they feed on leaves and bushy plants which are juicy and so meet their needs.

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Beside the National Animal There Is a Bird Too

It would not be fair to South Africans not to mention their national bird beside the animal. They are equally proud of the Blue Crane. This amazing bird represents a vulnerable species, and is known also as Paradise Crane. The second part of the name comes from the fact that this bird is very high, but at the same time has a very large wingspan. Blue Crane mostly can be found in the plains and on the grassy surfaces. They usually eat grass and make nests in low-lying areas. Their love dancing looks fascinating and is beautiful to look at this scene during mating. Birds are chosen in such a way that they move in circles until the last moment, when only males performed a dance of love, and at the end the birds that have chosen each other recognize their destiny to be together.

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Lovely Giraffe

Africa would not be so well-known by the animal world if Tanzania wouldn't have a giraffe as its national animal. Is there something we can say about this beautiful animal with a long neck and interesting colors, while having a hope that somebody else didn't say already enough so many times before? These ruminants are famous around the world for his long neck, and besides that giraffe represents the highest animal among mammals in the world. Favorite food for them is acacia leaves and they eat it from the trees. The most common natural enemies of these high neck animals are lions, while the cubs are in trouble even when some other species attack. Only the most powerful males can afford a female to mate with, and their struggle is done with necks. People have always been interested in the conservation of these animals, so there are many of them not only in the wild, but also in the national parks.

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