Stick Insects – Could You Spot One? – 8 pics

As it appears, the stick insect resembles the twigs it lives around supplying itself with the most efficient camouflage on Earth. They’re often called walking sticks, and their sizes bring them the title of world’s longest insects. Females are usually longer than males. Just like chameleons, they fit with their surroundings (usually green or brown) but there are exceptions that are slightly different colored. They show rocking behaviour, in which they make rhytmic, repetitive side-to-side movements. Some species have beautiful wings, but they don’t fly. When they’re in danger, they shed the limb predators cought, or if able to, produce a defensive spray. Many of these sticks are easy to care for and make good pets, though they’re hard to spot because of their capabilities and are usually left on their own.

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