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Believe it or not, but dogs can read our minds! People who already feel the relationship with their dog will not be surprised to hear that our dear friends dogs that can read our minds. Latest research gave only one in a series of evidence that dogs can understand human body language and human behavior in general, in order to better communicate with them. Dogs and wolves that were raised by people are able to distinguish when a person looks at them and who pays attention on them, and who does not. Or so the lead researcher of the group claims. They will often ask for food from people who pay attention on them. Researchers have learned more about the incredible abilities of dogs and their intelligence, and discovered that they understand even 165 words from their owner's language.

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The study examined a group of dogs from the kennel and the wolves that were nurtured by people. One man had to stand about six feet away from a dog or a wolf, looking them straight in the eyes, while the other person should be blindfolded and both should offer food to animals. Mostly, the dogs and wolves better responded to the person looking straight at themthan to that whose vision was blocked. However, the level of sensitivity varies depending on how much dogs or wolves were tamed. Since wolves and dogs in the kennel did not react to similar stimuli, it seems that their life experience significantly influences on this phenomenon. Previous studies have shown that dogs are in the process of domestication, through all of these centuries, began to think like humans. That is why it is not surprising that dogs understand human body language perfectly. In fact, far better than the other animals do.

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