Silly Little Hunters – 6 gifs

All of you who have ever had a cat, surely had loads of fun with it. Be it making weird noises and watching your pet sneak towards the point of origin, or just making your little hunter chase laser (by the way, recent studies have shown that it isn't totally healthy, so you need to read about risks of “chasing laser game” before you do it), there were always moments when your pet did some kind of silly thing on its own. Not all of you had camera ready to make a video, so lets just take some time to enjoy the footage of people that have. Isn't it just epic how their (the cats', not owners' :)) hunting instinct kicks in totally wrong moment?

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silly little hunters 1

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silly little hunters 2

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silly little hunters 3

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silly little hunters 4

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silly little hunters 5

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silly little hunters 6

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