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Celebrities from the reality shows are popular, but can they be more attractive than animals? No way, when cats are on the scene, everything else looks unimportant! We would like to tell you a story about a new kind of reality show coming directly from Iceland.

A New Way to Spend Your Time

If you thought kittens are not good enough to keep your attention long enough, you are wrong. Those who were delighted with sisters Kardashian might even like Kattarshians reality program more because this is actually something cute and adorable. Those who didn't like watching beloved sisters will be in a mood to enjoy an entirely new program. 

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Cute Actors of a Show

The first season of Kattarshians started with the fabulous entrance of four little kittens. Their names are Briet, Ronja, Gudni, and Stubbur. Well, these are pretty sound names for animals, and although they are not easy to remember fast, they would ring like a bell in your head for a long time if you spent some time in front of your TV in the past.

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Dollhouse for the Little Cats

This little house was made only for the purpose of being a new home for a group of kittens that will be the actors of “Keeping up with the Kattarshians” show program. Forget about Kim, Chloe, and Courtney; our special friends are ready to live under the eye of Big Brother just for you. 

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Playing Time

These guys have a great opportunity to play around inside this closed space full of cameras. But, it would be wrong if you think they are here only to entertain people. No, the main reason has much bigger value. This was a project of the Cat Protection Society. They wanted to put these kittens on the screen and help them find a new home. The lovely show is available to the online stream on Nutiminn.

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Fascinating Stubbur

If you wonder who was the leader of the first Big Brother group, we will clear it up. That was Stub, a brave little animal you can see on the picture. Once he decides something, it is hard to make him change his opinion. 

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Growing up Together

From day to day, the kittens were growing up. During that time, new owners came to knock on the door of the video producers. It was evident that the Cat Protection Society did a great thing to help animals. The people became conscientious, and many took the kittens to their homes. However, let's look around and see how the days were passing by. 

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I Will Catch You

Not in rare occasions those who were in a mood to follow the program were able to see how the cats were running one after another. This time Gudni, who likes to tease his friends, is running after Ronja. There is nothing strange here, because Ronja is always ready for action, like a real fighter. 

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The Quiet Lady

While others are having real struggles, Briet likes enjoying in her peaceful world. She was usually a reserved kitten, with an optimistic approach to everything. This is why a bathtub looks like a fantastic bed for her. 

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Changing the Team

Well, we know that you will say this was not the member of the first team of Kattarshians. You are right because this is one of the cats that came with the second group of reality show actors. Can we tell you the name of this kitten? We don't think so. Why? You better look at the following picture, and everything will be clear. 

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The Second Group

Just look at the new babies and you will realize why it was so hard to tell you the name of the kitten from the previous page. In the second composition, all the cats were ginger. Maybe, it was hard to recognize them by names, but one thing is true, they were all adorable. 

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Watching the Show

Is this reality show your favorite one? People from Iceland were keen to watch these little guys playing, but they were not alone. We suppose other nations took part in watching, but there is one certain point here we would like to emphasize. If you are not interested in spending time in front of the TV, your cat would be a curious observer. 

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Newcomers of the Year

We were happy to hear many kittens had found their new home through this fantastic show. The last group of animals that entered inside the dollhouse was black. Here on the picture, you can see Sara Bjork and Dimma, two siblings from the group. 

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Enjoy the Show

Of course, the other two kittens are almost the same, so we can recognize them thanks to the color patterns around their neck. Here we have another two members, Ulfur Ulfur and Svarthofdi. You have to admit they are all cute. All the kittens that passed through the house were cute and ready to embrace you. We hope many of them in the future will find some perfect new owners. Great work people from Iceland! Just keep it like that. 

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